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Rapper Emtee, from South Africa, was recently involved in a dispute after his performance at the Alex Music Festival. Rumors circulated via an internet video claiming Emtee was “booted” off stage when another musician, Shebeshxt arrived. Nevertheless, there is no indication in the video that Emtee was ejected—rather, it shows him standing behind Shebeshxt while the audience applauds. Before Emtee even got off stage, the two performers shared an embrace.

When controversial vlogger Musa Khawula uploaded the footage and claimed that Emtee had been ejected from the stage, the matter became more heated. An enraged Emtee retaliated with a profanity-filled message, threatening to use violence against Khawula and using derogatory homophobic remarks. Emtee’s supporters refuted the narrative by posting recordings of him performing.

Talks concerning Emtee’s professional path have resurfaced in the wake of the tragedy. With successes like “Pearl Thusi” and “Roll Up,” Emtee was once a well-known figure in the South African music scene. However, accusations of drug addiction and gender-based violence have tainted Emtee’s career. In spite of these difficulties, his followers still adore him as a performer.


Conversely, Shebeshxt is experiencing a surge in popularity. The “twerka king” has gained popularity on social media, and the audience cheered as he came out on stage following Emtee’s performance. The two musicians have been compared as a result of this, with some claiming that Shebeshxt is currently more well-known than Emtee.

Different emotions have been triggered by the turmoil surrounding Emtee’s performance and his following rant against Khawula on social media. Some supporters of Emtee have voiced their unwavering support, while others have criticized his actions and the purported downturn in his career. This episode emphasizes how unstable celebrity can be and how personal hardships affect public personalities.

It will be interesting to see how established musicians like Emtee and up-and-coming talents like Shebeshxt interact as the South African music landscape develops. Emtee’s recent performance and the controversy that followed have undoubtedly drawn attention to the difficulties and demands that performers in the public eye endure.

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