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Yahoo Boy pleads with people to send account number because of his limited time to spend his wealth

Young internet con artist Yahoo Boy has voiced uncertainty about what to do with the riches he has amassed through occult practice.

He begged the public to help him enjoy his N18.9 billion because he had less than two years to live.

The yahoo kid believes that despite having struck a deal with the Devil and having less time left, he can still keep his wealth by murdering his family.

But in order to credit Nigerians, he asked them to either give their account details or suggestions for how to use the funds.

In a video that was making the rounds on the internet, the fraudster was seen having a great time with his friends and showing off his brand-new Mercedes Benz. He claimed that making money is acceptable as long as one can adhere to the norms.

Check out the video here:


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