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World Cup: Stop asking Portugal players about me – Ronaldo opens up on ‘face-off’ with Fernandes

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Manchester United striker, has disclosed his much-publicized conversation with club teammates Bruno Fernandes.

Ronaldo reportedly requested that the media cease bothering his Portugal teammates with stories about his explosive chat with Piers Morgan.

The Manchester United forward gave Morgan an explosive interview in which he discussed the club, the leadership, the manager, the owners, and even his teammates.

As a result of the interview, Manchester United are considering sacking the 37-year-old.

“Time is always a factor. “From your perspective, it is simple to see how we may choose timings,” Ronaldo told reporters in Qatar.

“Sometimes you write the truth, and sometimes you write the lie.” I don’t have to be concerned about what other people think. I only speak when I want to. Everyone knows who I am and what I stand for.

“Please do not question the players about me. Inquire about the World Cup. “I’m bulletproof and impenetrable.”

Ronaldo says they were just ‘playing around’ in a video that went viral last week showed him reconciling with Fernandes at Portugal’s World Cup camp.

“Because his plane was late, I asked him whether he had arrived by boat.”

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