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“Wizkid’s ‘More Love, Less Ego’ album is overhyped” – Twitter king of unsolicited advise, Daniel Regha

Daniel Regha, the reigning Twitter king of advice requests, appears to have some issues with Wizkid’s most recent album, “More Love; Less Ego.”

Less than 12 hours have passed since Wizkid’s new album, More Love, Less Ego, was made available, and social media is already awash in comments.

Daniel Regha, a well-known critic, however, calls the Grammy-winning singer’s output “overhyped” and does not appear to be impressed.

Daniel went on to say that Wizkid merely rehashed his lines with new beats. Wizkid’s pen game is “mid,” he added, and as a result, he is “not evolving” as an artist.

He stated:

“Wizkid’s “More Love, Less Ego” album is ¤verhyped; He’s recycl!ng lyrics with different beats. Also, songs off the album are centered on material!sm but the album title suggests humility (so n¤ correlati¤n). As an artiste, Wizkid is n¤t evolving, & his pen game is m!d. No shades.”

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