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Mr. Macaroni, a well-known activist and skit creator, recently made subtle fun of the question of why “voting wisely triggers certain people.”

Mr. Macaroni posted on his Twitter page that he has always believed that everyone has the right to support and cast their vote for whatever candidate they choose, but that everyone should exercise good judgment when doing so. He questioned why some people get angry when voting wisely.

He tweeted: I’ve always believed that it’s everyone’s right to support, love, and vote for any candidate. I have never urged people to abstain from voting for any politician. Vote wisely is all I ever say. Why do some people get offended by “vote wisely”?

Following a confrontation with an APC violence queen supporter who called him out for backing Peter Obi, the people’s Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, Mr. Macaroni tweeted.

The supported tweet reads: Yoruba Bastard is who you are… Keep praising the Igbo… They’ll still despise you… Only a fool points with his left hand to his father’s house. You are a shame to the Yoruba. Ode: Your mother ought to reject you.

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