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VIDEO: “The flood in Bayelsa has destroyed lives and properties” – BBN Nengi pleads to Government for intervention

Former BBNaija season 5 contestant Rebecca Nengi Hampson used social media to express her intense rage as she described the devastation caused by flooding in Bayelsa and other parts of Nigeria.

In the video she posted on her verified Instagram site, she talked about the deaths and the relocation of thousands of homes.

The flooding in her state, according to Nengi, who is the SSA to the governor of Bayelsa State, has destroyed hospitals, schools, farmland, homes, and other buildings, making life difficult for the locals. She went on to say that other regions of Nigeria are currently suffering destruction on a similar scale.

Nengi went on to remark that the flood has increased the price of food and other needs for the people of Bayelsa while also highlighting how difficult it has become to obtain them all due to the water’s restrictions on people’s freedom of movement.

However, the reality TV star pleaded with the kind-hearted Nigerians to help save lives by lending a hand.

On behalf of the people of Bayelsa, Nengi also appeals for urgent assistance from other states and the federal government.

Nengi wrote; “The flood in Bayelsa State has destroyed Hospitals, Schools, Lands, Houses and other key infrastructure in the state. Thousands of people are struggling to live as the flood has displaced them.

I want to appeal to everyone to raise awareness and give (no matter how little) to the people of Bayelsa. I will also like to appeal to the State and Federal Government for their urgent intervention as the people need all the support.

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