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UPDATE: Video of assaulted lady and group of friends beating up lecturer’s daughter surfaces

A viral video depicts a lecturer’s assaulted victim savagely beating the lecturer’s daughter.

According to earlier reports, Dr. Fred Ekpe Ayokhai, a lecturer at the Federal University of Lafia, was caught on camera assaulting Blessing after she and his daughter Nuella argued about a man.

Blessing contacted Nuella and pleaded with her to delete her boyfriend’s number after discovering that Nuella had it saved on her phone. Nuella objected.

She confronted Emmanuella inside a room and demanded that she take the man’s phone right away in a video that is currently becoming viral online. She was then seen physically beating Emmanuella.

A torrent of slaps and strikes followed Nuella’s rejection.

Emmanuella (Nuella), her father Fred Ekpe Ayokhai, his brother Praise Shola, and other family members hurried to Blessing’s home to exact a harsh punishment. This was a few days later.

Viral accounts claim that they attacked Blessing and put her under duress before driving her to an unspecified location where Dr. Fred severed her garments with scissors.

Dr. Fred Ekpe Ayokhai, a senior lecturer at the Federal University of Lafia (FULAFIA), has been held by Nasarawa State Police Command officers, though, for savagely beating up a 20-year-old lady who got into a quarrel with his daughter over a boyfriend.

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