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Celebrity bartender and socialite Cubana Chief Priest prayed for triplets for the newest couple to affirm their union.

Many had prayed for the couple to become pregnant with twins or triplets ever since they lost their son, Ifeanyi, on October 31st, 2022.

Cubana joined them in praying for the couple on his Instagram page late on Sunday night.

He asked God to fix them, noting how Jehovah directs their steps.

He reaffirmed that triplets are certain for the cherished pair, assuring them of a stronger comeback.

“Our steps are guided by Jehovah @davido @thechefchi God must fix us. God is our only backup. We stand strong with you guys and we are coming out of this together. Our triplets are sure. Loading %….So help us God Amen @tobiadegboyega. Forever”.

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