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Female Comic Sensations Making Marks In The Nigerian Entertainment Forum


Away from music, the comic industry is another vital economic factor that has transformed the lives of an enormous number of sensational comic statuses.

These have not only graced the male icons pushing the image of the industry but have also favoured a vast number of talented female sensations adding to the beauty of the forum.

Since the peak of the industry, we have recorded a large number of sensational comic actresses that have benefited from the elevating feat of the Nigerian comic forum.

In this article, we shall outline in detail the top sensational comic actresses bossing their games to date.


Amarachi Amusi who is popularly known as Ashmusy is vastly adored for her incredible work ethic covering content creation, Entrepreneurship and modeling.

The Instagram sensation was born in Enugu State, Nigeria, on 25th July 1995. This transpired in the east making her a native of Obeagu Awkunanaw in Enugu State. Despite acquiring her primary and secondary school education in Enugu, she grew up in Lagos where she attained her Advanced Education.

In 2018, during her NYC era, Ashmusy ventured fully into content creation after her quest in Nollywood failed to yield what she expected via what she labelled as an irritating view of the system.

According to her utterances, starting from the core, she was lost and never experienced a bit of professionalism. However, she infused her qualities after pairing with his long-term partner, Ada Jesus who helped provide the energy she needed to excel.

“It was about my acting career, it wasn’t about comedy. I am an actor and a content creator. That’s how I started. I was shy at first and I didn’t know how to go about it. I had to find someone that was like me, and we paired up to start together because two heads are always better than one. That person is Nonso Ada Jesus, we started together in 2018.” Ashmusy narrated.  

Today, Ashmusy has established an active highly profiled hair dealing firm that has funded most of her assets away from content creations.


The young sensation popularly known as Soso is another status that has rapidly graced the beauty of the comic industry with ease.

Sophia Chisom Ikemba was born on the 12th of May 1999 in Rivers State Nigeria and hails from Anambra State. Being born and raised in River State, she acquired her Primary and secondary school education in the eastern region of Nigeria and further advanced her education at the University of Port Harcourt, where she studied Public Administration Studies.

After her NYC service, she ventured into content creation and debuted as the character identified as ‘Soso’. She portrays her talent as a penury merchant and a pure water seller.

She embraced even the field of endorsement which has vastly funded her welfare adding her to the league of the prosperous statuses.

Ada Jesus  

Nons Miraj who is biologically referred to as Chinonso Ukah and popularly known as Ada Jesus also has graced her spot to be identified as one of the best content creators in Nigeria.

The heavily endowed Instagram model was born on May 27th, 1995 in Lagos where he grew up and acquired her educational quest. She hails from Amurie Nkporo in Ohafia’s local government area of Abia state.

She attained her primary and secondary school education in Lagos and further wrapped her higher education by graduating with a degree from Babcock University.

Her passion for skit-making sparked just quite after graduating from school thrusting her to bond with Ashmusy which boosted her career.

Her fame however emerged rapidly after an enormous number of her content went viral earning her a massive fan base.

She is popularly known for the witch-like character she portrays mostly in all her well-directed short comic videos.

Just like her friend, Nons is a Nigerian highly profiled entrepreneur that has found her peak in a highly profiled business.


Maryam Apaokagi who is best referred to as Taaooma is a Nigerian highly reputable female comic star that has deservedly embraced her spot in this category.

Taaoma embodies content creation, cinematographer, and social media influence which has identified her uniqueness above other Nigerian feminine comic stars. She is adored incredibly for her ability to play multiple roles in her skits.

The young woman who was born on 28th February 1999 started off her comic career back in 2015 after she convinced her fiance who is a cinematographer to tutor her through the beauty of filming. She was so fast to grab the required qualities and kicked started her online comedy with ease.

She featured mostly Nigerian family sagas while portraying all multiple characters by herself.

The married comic actress has also spanned her legacy to business buoyancy owning a tally of about 3 firms that has infused her prosperous status. She is recognised as one of the richest comic actresses in Nigeria currently.

Warri Pikin   

Nigerian sensational comic Gem, Anita Alaire Afoke Asuoha who is popularly known as Warri Pikin also has earned her spot in this category having attained prominence in a grand style.

The Nigerian stand-up comedian and social media sensation was born in Warri, Delta State where she grew up and acquired her education. Anita differs from other Nigerian comic actresses because of the nature of her journey.

Before fame, she found love and tied the knot with Mr Victor Ikechukwu Asuoha in 2013 after she had graduated from the Benson Idahosa University Benin City. She studied Political Science/Public Administration which has helped in identifying her true purpose in life.

According to Warri Pikin, she ventured into skit-making after her financial trauma struck deep into her status at the peak of her beautiful marriage. She was eager to assist her husband and provide for the family and embraced her talent.

Finding out that she is incredibly engulfed with extraordinary comic talent, she debuted in the industry through local shows competition where she convinced Nigerians of the beauty of her talent by winning several prize.

This boosted her confidence thrusting her to fully unleash her incredible talent into comedy. Today, she has emerged to be one of the pinnacles of feminine comic feat in Nigeria.