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Most men have suffered severe infections that are caused by microbes (bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, and prions) amid a toll of what seemed to be a dearth of knowledge.

Having explored vastly the view of infection-causing microorganisms, we have gathered enough information you need to digest as a man to protect your genitalia from some precarious microorganisms that attacks the male Genital.

The ability of microbes to generate diseases is quite astonishing and this is often triggered by the activities we portray on our daily activities.


In this article, we shall outline key activities we portray daily that attract infection-causing microbes.

Dangerous Activities That Attract Infection Causing Organisms To Your Manhood. 

Repeating underwear 

When a man repeats underwear maybe two times in two days without washing it, he is attracting infection-causing microorganisms like Escherichia coli and Dust mites.

Several other infection-causing microorganisms can be triggered by repeating underwear in men but the two mentioned above are the most common bacterium that attacks the men’s genital through the means of repeated underwear.

Escherichia coli which is sometimes referred to as E-Coli causes Urinary tract infections. When a man continuously repeats underwear without washing them they attract E Coli which will dive into the urinary system and cause serious damage that would result in constant urination, a strong persistent urge to urinate and burning or tingling sensation after urination (dysuria) Low-grade fever.

Another view of infection-causing microorganisms features Dust mites. This organism is small like a spider which is microscopic. They enjoy eating human flesh and can be easily contracted from repeating underwear. When Dust Mite finds its habitat in men’s genitalia, it will gradually eat up its favourite spots inviting further yeast infection that will trigger another dangerous bacterium.

Repeating underwear for a tally of two days or even more attracts infection-causing organisms like chlamydia and gonorrhoea.

Keep a high hygiene status and deter from repeating underwear to prevent contracting infection-causing organisms.

Keeping Pubic Hairs 

This is also a key means by which men can contract infection-causing organisms like Corynebacterium flavescent and other coryneform species. These microorganisms cause an infection referred to as Trichobacteriosis.

This infection aids a moisture pubic hairs amid how the agents like Corynebacterium secret toxic fluids that are likely stinking and can trigger even more infections.

After its effect escalates to reforming 7 days or more, it will thrust erythema, itching, and superinfection with dermatophytes as key symptoms resulting further in an unpleasant odour.

Other studies have proven that this will also result in vast circumstances where other microbes will develop and cause even more harm to the host.

Keep a high rate of hygiene and always shave with prescribed shaving accessories.

Unprotected Séx 

This is one of the most common infections causing microorganism pinnacles that had haunted men’s genitals for decades to date.

Studies have identified that over 70% of the world’s male genitals are heavily infected by infection-causing microorganisms due to the high rate of unprotected séx.

One of the most common Sexually transmitted diseases that attacks the men’s genital is Gonorrhea. This phase of STD is sparked by a bacteria spread by unprotected séxual activities.

In men, they are most effective in the Urethra which is highly encircled with signs and symptoms that feature burning and slight pain during urination which may likely result to discharge from men’s genitalia.

Another phase of infection-causing organisms contracted through an unsafe séx features genital herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhoea, and syphilis which similarly give quite the same symptoms and signs.  This has highly destroyed most victims’ sexual derive as the microorganisms are keen on preying on men’s genitals.

The dearth of constant showering 

Most often, microbes find a favourable habitat in a moist environment sparked mostly by the dearth of constant showering.

It has swerved to be what seemed to be a tradition for most men amid how some can comfortably go for a tally of two days without showering.

This is a key pinnacle that attracts the most infection-causing organisms like Candida albicans that yield penïs infection identified as ‘Balanitis’. This disease attacks the cap of the pénis mostly in uncircumcised men which results in inflammation with common side effects.

However, Balanitis is generally caused by poor hygiene which often sparks dead skin, various bacterium and moist skin that thrust inflammation, itching and constant burning.

Although Balanitis is not highly considered serious, you are prescribed to bathe at least twice a day to avoid its irritating effects. While showering do ensure that you clean your cap gently and abstain from medicated soaps.

Wearing uncomfortable underwear 

Most victims sometimes neglect the effect of uncomfortable undergarments which has likely aided most microbes that have yielded mass infection in men.

Men are advised to adopt wearing light underwear and ensure they omit the taste of wearing bedevilling heavy underwear that invites a moist environment that may likely develop bacteria.

Underwear that is made of nylon mostly attracts heat and moisture which will aid in a disturbing infection. This is centred on yeast infection which mostly finds the favourable circumstance to grow in a moist environment.

Ensure to be selective with the underwear you put on because they aid often in the growth of bacteria.

Touching the private part with dirty hands 

Referring to a high rate of hygiene, it’s highly prescribable that men consider maintaining a highly profiled view of hygiene centred on how they keep their hands clean.

Most infection-causing microorganisms are highly enriched with the ability to find means to dive into their host to unleash their attack on their desired habitat.

In this phase, the hands would be a favourable mode of transmission which can only be spanked by a poor hygiene status that mostly yields a serious penïs infection.

When a microorganism like meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or Escherichia coli sticks to a dirty hand, it will verge for its favourable environment which may likely emerge to be the pubic areas of the body in men. Just like several studies have disclosed, they will launch an attack on any spot they find favourable in the body of the host.

Ensure to always wash your hands and keep a highly profiled hygiene to abstain from infection-causing microorganisms raiding your private part through your penïs.

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