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“This is not danfo – shut up!” – Nigerian female passenger tackles man preaching on airplane

A traveler who was preaching the gospel on board was silenced, according to a Twitter user.

Twitter user Yomi Kazeem stated that he was shocked to see a man preaching on an aircraft because he had only only seen such conduct on public transportation in Lagos.

The passenger who interrupted the clergyman’s sermon by pointing out that the aircraft wasn’t a danfo—a colloquial term for commercial buses—quieted him.

Yomi recounted that the man, dismayed by this, had quietly sat back in his seat.

According to The Tweep:

“For the first time in my life, I saw someone preach about Christianity on a plane. [I’ve only ever seen this in public buses in Lagos.]

It went well for the preacher. Until another Nigerian yelled at him: “Sit down and shut up! This is not a danfo.

He sat down – and shut up.”

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