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“Them no explain this pregnancy tin well for me, I for quit” – Pregnant lady breaks down in tears after receiving injections [Video]

After receiving many syringe doses, the pregnant woman sobs bitterly and expresses remorse about becoming pregnant.

The woman who had been shot was spotted sobbing hysterically and blaming her spouse for her problems.

She said that it was because she was having his baby, which puzzled her husband who wondered how it was all his fault.

She claims that if she had known that pregnancy requires this many shots, she would have given up.

Dem no explain this pregnancy tin well. If I know say injection join, I for quit,” the caption read.*

Some reactions culled from netizens are below:

Aswear it’s not easy 😂😂😂😂 there’s still another one o b4 u out to bed on your shoulder just get ready and zip ur mind strong 😂😍😍😍

Eya. One day this tears will turn to happiness. God bless all mothers

She no like dis injection buh she like oga injection😂

Oga do DNA OO forget that cry😂🏃

Aww 🥰 I love her, bless her man 😍

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