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Tems – No Woman No Cry
Tems – No Woman No Cry

A phenomenally talented singer from Nigeria, Tems debuted a brand-new rendition of No Woman No Cry, a Bob Marley and the Wailers classic.

The song was removed from Hollywood Records and Marvel Music’s soundtrack EP project for “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Prologue.”

The Prologue provides an audio preview of Wakanda Forever. In-depth journeys to Mexico and Nigeria helped create the film’s sound world, according to Göransson and director Ryan Cogler in a formal press release.

“We spent most of our time working with traditional musicians who taught us about the social, cultural, and historical backgrounds of their music. Together, we created a library of vocal and instrumental recordings that explored both conventional and unconventional applications for their musical repertoire.

We had recording sessions with modern artists throughout the evenings while on these journeys who were similar to the individuals and subject matter covered in the movie. We started creating a musical language for the characters, plots, and cultures using the screenplay as a guide and the recordings made by traditional musicians.

These discussions and workshops served as the natural breeding ground for the musical score and soundtrack for Wakanda Forever. They were designed as a single unit to work as an immersive and encompassing soundscape for the movie.

Despite your best efforts to ignore this incredible music with its mind-blowing lyrics and sounds, you simply cannot resist it.

Listen and share your thought below:

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