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Gifty Powers, a Big Brother Naija contestant, recently talked on marriage submission.

Five years after disclosing that she married at the age of 19, the US-based reality TV star is posting a message about submitting in marriage.

Recall that Gifty revealed she married at the age of 19 but that the union was not legally binding in an interview with Hip TV in 2017. She added that it was a dark period in her life.

At the time, she stated:

“I will say it right now in here that the marriage issue was kinda real. I was once married and it’s a dark part of my life that I don’t want to ever go back to.

“First of all, my advice to every young woman out there is that before you go into marriage, you have to be physically, mentally, emotionally, and psychologically mature because I was naive.

“I was 19, I didn’t know what the whole marriage thing was all about. It felt like entering adulthood.

“The marriage was just traditionally recognized. We didn’t do a court wedding, it was not legal. Although we did a white wedding, the bride price was returned. What I experienced, I don’t wish anyone to experience. I passed through a lot. People out there judge me because they don’t even know what I’ve been through.”

Gifty Powers, who is currently wed to an American guy, emphasized in a recent Instagram post that submitting is a gift a wife provides her husband.

She also said that a husband shouldn’t regard submitting in marriage as an entitlement.

View her post here.


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