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Stonebwoy – Gidigba (VIDEO)
Stonebwoy – Gidigba (VIDEO)

In order to capitalize on the success of his most recent hit song, “Gidigba,” successful Ghanaian Dancehall singer and Grammy nominee Stonebwoy has laced up his boots and released equally stunning visuals to go along with his new sound.

Gidigba, a sound that offers hope to everyone going through a difficult period, has so far stoked social media users’ excitement for the debut of the Gidigba images.

The talented musician was astounded by the fans’ ecstatic and raving reactions both inside and outside of Africa when he shared the trailer for the movie “Gidigba” across his numerous social media sites.

Stonebwoy, known for his mastery of the reggae, afro dancehall, and Afropop genres, opens up an insanely different side of himself in intense visuals that emphasize his core values of consistency, relentlessness, and determination. The Gidigba visuals are directed by renowned video director Younglabi and feature next-level production images that tell the story of strength, grit, and determination.

Enjoy the video below:

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