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Simi – Loyal ft. Fave (Video)
Simi – Loyal ft. Fave (Video)

Nigerian vocal powerhouse, Simi has returned with the music video for her previous song, “Loyal.”

The song “Loyal” was performed by the talented Nigerian vocalist Fave, who acknowledged the song’s authorship. The music is a

The portion of “To Be Honest,” her most current album.

The eleventh tracks on the album also have cameo appearances by Fave, Deja, and Adekunle Gold.

Studio Brat eventually oversaw the production and direction of the video.

Quotable Lyrics;

Are you lo lo lo loyal
Lo lo lo loyal
Cos I’m lo lo lo loyal
Lo lo lo loyal
Lo o loyal

Wake up wake up
Wanna see you later
These things that I got
They don’t waver”
Stick up stick up for me.
I’ll see ya
Sooner than the dude at Bethsaida

Enjoy the video here:



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