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Austine Emmanuel, better known online as Austine de Bull, has revealed the source of inspiration for his hit song “Shey ye dey whine me ni.”

The drummer-turned-singer from Ogoni in Rivers state described how his friends and neighbors had discouraged him from singing in an interview with The Nation.

Austine went on to say that he was made to feel as though they opposed his worship of God. The popular vocalist remarked;

“As a drummer that had no idea or connection with singing, when the call came in 2020 to be a singer it was difficult to me myself because I never know how I will start because I have not done it before I had to discuss with some of my friends about the call to be a singer and they were laughing at me that this one I am a drummer and not a singer I won’t be able to do it so it was somehow to me, so I had to discuss with other neighbors who were still laughing at me so it was somehow because nobody believed in me, they were discouraging me so I was like ‘so they don’t want me to worship God shey Una dey whine me ni’ so that’s where the inspiration came so that’s the inspiration”.

Austine de Bull said that his top-charting song, “Shey ye dey whine me ni,” is a Christian song that incorporates both local dialect and street slang.

He stated:

“Yes, it is a Christian song but it is a mixture of a street slang and local dialect which is the Ogoni dialect, it means in English ‘who say make I no praise God shey you dey whine me ni’ and in Ogoni “Mena kon ma le da badi Shey you dey whine mi?”.

On how his song went viral, Austine said;

“The calling came in 2020 but I never paid attention to it so when it keep coming around until 2022 this year I decided to pay attention to it that’s how it started that I came up with the song. During the video shoot, I did some behind the scenes with my phone camera so I posted it on my TikTok page just to create awareness that something big was coming though I never had any audience it was some people I had on my Tiktok that started posting and that’s how it blew up.”

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