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The comedy skit’s writer, Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Ejekwu, better known online as Sabinus, has responded after getting criticism and jeers for publishing the work only 48 hours after the death of Ifeanyi Adeleke, Davido’s son.

As part of his practice, the content creator recently posted his amusing movie on his Instagram profile.

While everyone was smiling at the humorous video, he received criticism for posting a comedy at this specific time from a number of online users.

One iamakintoladavido wrote: “@mrfunny1_ but boss you for never post skit/comedy for now at least to respect or pay tribute to Davido and his family or doesn’t he deserve that?”

The author of the content responded to the comment by writing:


However, Sabinus has yet to remove the video as he promised at the time this article was being written.

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