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After Karim Benzema won this year’s Ballon d’Or award on Monday night, a provision in his contract requires Real Madrid to pay €1 million to Lyon.

In 2009, the Frenchman moved from Lyon to Los Blancos.

Following only his former teammate Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema has gone on to score 328 goals for Madrid, the second-highest total in the club’s history.

As the LaLiga giants captured both the league championship and the Champions League trophy, the 34-year-old scored 44 goals.

Real Madrid will have to pay €1m (£870k) to Lyon due to a provision agreed upon between the clubs when Benzema transferred to the Spanish capital from Lyon in 2009 because that was the add-on included for winning the Ballon d’Or trophy.

Karim is a Lyon native, therefore there is a great deal of emotion and pride involved.

“We have witnessed his development as a child and his success. After the event, Lyon’s president, Jean-Michel Aulas, said, “We have seen him excel in practically everything he has undertaken.

The fact that we not only hired him since his first contracts but also signed them with us is also a source of pride for us. Being proud of having a youngster like Karim, who has only played for two teams in his whole career, leaves a message to be a role model and a leader.


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