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Popcaan – ONE WAY (Video)
Popcaan – ONE WAY (Video)

The official music video for Popcaan’s latest single, ‘ONE WAY,’ has been released by E5 Records and Unruly Entertainment.

Popcaan sends in a 3-minute Caribbean genre song filled with a lovely tune.

As previously reported, this prepares Popcaan for his upcoming album work; perhaps, the singer will unveil this soon.

Ultimately, Two4kay and Mini Chord created the soundtrack.

Quotable Lyrics;

I wan’ do this one way (Weh-weh)
With friends and family
Take off like plane ‘pon di runway (Weh yuh name?)
My name is Andrae
Looking like a billion dollar (Weh)
Di gyal suh pretty and she inna Prada
David make we fly go Ghana
Take a par with yuh future baby father (Weh-weh)
Looking like ah billion dollar (Trouble)
Gucci ‘pon me collar (Weh)
Full a Sterling but a no the baller
Man a shot caller

Enjoy the video below:

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