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Phyno – BBO (Bad Bvcthes Only)
Phyno – BBO (Bad Bvcthes Only)

The brilliant Nigerian rapper Phyno has shared a teaser of his new song, “Bad Bitches Only.”

The Nigerian rapper @phynofino released a sneak glimpse of this impending release on Tuesday, October 25, 2022, on both his Twitter and Instagram accounts. “BBO (bad bvtches only)” is released on February 28.

Amapiano’s song that opens this new single, which also features Phyno’s top-notch performance, blends a catchy repetitive phrase with a calming yet upbeat tempo to guarantee that every single will be a hit.

Meanwhile, this song, which is scheduled to be released on Friday, October 28th, is expected to propel the gifted rapper to a great finish in what has reportedly been a somewhat quiet year for him.

Additionally, the legendary rapper recently appeared in the upcoming song “Lover” by Nigerian singing phenom Johnny Drille. Johnny Drille announced the song’s release on Monday, October 24. The song will be released at midnight on Thursday, October 26.

Despite your best efforts to ignore this incredible music with its mind-blowing lyrics and sounds, you simply cannot resist it.

Listen and share your thought below:


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