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“Our Ikoyi is finally back” – Reactions as Sheggz and Bella walk hand-in-hand at Black Panther 2 premiere [Video]

Happy dances for “Shella” fans as reality stars Sheggz and Bella make a sweet cameo and seem to revive their romance.

Prior to its scheduled release on November 11th, the most anticipated film, Black Panther 2, had its premiere on Sunday, November 6th in Lagos.

A number of superstars, including Alexx Ekubo, Liquorose, Hermes, Toyin Lawani, and others, were there while donning their distinctive attire.

Fans, however, are ecstatic after seeing a video of Bella and Sheggz (Mr. & Mrs. Okoyi) walking together and having a wonderful conversation.

Sheggz and Bella were seen walking into the arena while holding hands.

As a response, followers expressed their joy at the pair’s reunion in the comment area.

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