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Orezi – Born Broke Die Rich (BBDR)
Orezi – Born Broke Die Rich (BBDR)

The talented Nigerian music producer Orezi, also known as Alhaji Orezi, kicked off the new year with a bang by releasing the hot song “Broke Die Rich.”

Nigerian artist Esegine Allen, well known by his stage name Orezi, hails from Delta State. In 2013, he became well-known because of his song “Rihanna.” The singer claimed that in the Nigerian music industry, having skill without money is a waste of time in an interview with Showtime’s The Cooking Pot.

Owhelogbo is an Isoko town located in Delta State’s Isoko North Local Government Council. The weather is humid.

Despite your best efforts to ignore this incredible music with its mind-blowing lyrics and sounds, you simply cannot resist it.

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