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“No be juju be this!”- Woman’s Jaw-Dropping Makeup Transformation Leaves Many Stunned [Video]

A different film demonstrates the value of cosmetics and how it should never be overemphasized.

In the popular Tiktok video that @krakshq shared, a woman can be seen with only a tiny film of white cream covering her face.

People are confused and horrified after seeing a video of the woman after the cosmetic artist has finished.

Even if the later part of the film uses certain filters, the lady looks substantially lighter and different from the first half of the movie.

Social media comments on the cosmetic transition video include some of the ones we’ve included below:

dee_4_debby: “I no believe biko.”

augustivity: “No be juju be this!”

adookumaassoh: “Walai this one na lie.

cedric_erasmus: Before: no filter, After: filter, Make up artist always do this thing, Show us your finished work without filter,”

daphnesimport: “I’m in denial please.. it’s not the same person.”

itz__raymaaly: “After tailor, lawyer and the rest of sinners ehhehe na makeup get special place for hell coz what in the name of sorcery is this?”

am_musbeh: “Some makeup artist no go make heaven walai.”


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