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Nigerian man with 18 children, 46 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren celebrates his 100th birthday [Video]

On Sunday, October 30, a Nigerian man celebrated his 100th birthday at the Dunamis Christian Center in Abuja.

The 1926 baby had three wives, 18 children, 46 grandchildren, and 19 great-grandchildren, according to accounts.

The man is from Benue State, has never been hospitalized, doesn’t wear glasses, and doesn’t use a cane to help him walk.

In reaction, uchemaduagwu : “This great man is celebrating 100 years with God protection only, yet the pastor of his church goes about with Bodyguard and police Escort for protection, Abeg who exactly be man of God.”

melody__williams wrote: “He looks more younger and healthier than Tinibu the 70 years old man”

100 years looking 60…How old is Amoda again😂,happy birthday to you Grandpa,you are blessed.🙌🙌

I tap from this longitivity and good health……

Beautiful 😍👏👏 ,my grandmother is 115years still alive ,she doesn’t use glasses but uses a walking stick

He looks more younger and healthier than Tinibu the 70 years old man

God is good!!! Happy birthday sir. Should I add long life and prosperity?

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