Many people view life as a trip, with events serving as either positive or negative side attractions. People learn a great deal in life. Additionally, they can assist others with their knowledge. Thobekile Mdlalose is who he really is.

It is well known that successful people typically return to the schools they attended as children. They provide information and motivation to people who are presently enrolled in classes.

The reality TV personality recently visited Northlands Girls High School, her former high school, where she had the chance to talk to the students and share her experiences and wisdom with them. It was an unforgettable experience for the pupils as well as for her.


She focused on African spirituality and how to care for people who have healing skills in her speech to the pupils. She stated that she was there to dispel myths regarding African spirituality and the common perception that gifts in this field are demonic. Adding further context to the topic, she called this belief “absurdly untrue.”

She ended the day having a great time, and the youngsters she interacted with felt the same way. It is totally up to them if they absorb her lessons.