Although South African singer Zahara is no longer living, her memory lives on as people with whom she was involved, as well as those who loved her, commemorate her in death. Sbu is one of them. The musician was recently honored by the MoFaya boss with a song.

The songster remixed a song dedicated to Zahara, which was published on YouTube. So far, South Africans’ reactions to the video have been mostly favorable, as they recall the late singer’s time on Earth.

The song’s reception thus far contrasts with what occurred when Zahara’s death was originally disclosed. Many South Africans were irritated with DJ Sbu, and some even accused him of hastening the singer’s death by denying her due.


What is the backstory? DJ Sbu owes Zahara money for songs she released while signed to TS Records, a record label co-owned by DJ Sbu and TK Nciza. Both men deny owing her anything, claiming she received everything owed to her as a record label signee.

The lawsuit was not resolved until Zahara died. He is now rumored to be thinking about granting the late singer the rights to her songs, and he has paid tribute to her in the song below.