Would the days of everyone having an opinion about practically anything come to an end? Uncertain. It should therefore not be shocking that Unathi Nkayi, a well-known figure in South Africa’s media and a former judge on Idols SA, was making fun of her by an American.

An American shared an earlier picture of her, not looking as well as she does now, and said her husband divorced her over her appearance. Many South Africans appeared offended by this claim, and they defended her.

The American, who goes by @ShulerKing on TikTol, posted a bogus blog entry claiming that a guy had divorced his wife after discovering her true appearance without makeup. The tale was false, but the pictures were of Unathi. The older photo did not look well. Check out the post that’s below.


People have occasionally taken an interest in Unathi’s appearance. However, because of her obsession with fitness, she had effortlessly diverted attention to her amazing abs and toned figure.

It could be tempting to just give him the finger now that some random American has brought up the topic of her appearance once more. Given that South Africans are already taking care of her, there might not be a need to.