It’s a common belief that people who mismanage their resources will eventually run out of them completely and return to their prior state of hardship. This is Lerato Chabangu, a former football player, as of right now.

He used to be a top earner and able to purchase a lot of luxuries while he was active on the field. Indeed, as he would later admit, he spent his money on them—what he would later refer to as “useless things”—returning to his problems.

Several football players, including Chabangu, have gone from fame to shame, from wealth to poverty and humiliation. The problem of athletes and other well-known people wasting their fortune and sinking back into poverty is not unique to South Africa.


The same thing occurs and will continue to occur all throughout the world since some people might not learn from the mistakes made by others.

To his credit, Lerato has acknowledged that he made terrible errors and is working to get past them. In the past, he has nearly killed himself. He is still upright, though. You are aware that there is hope wherever there is life.