Well-known performer Intaba Yase Dubai has requested comments from his followers while hinting at his upcoming comeback song.

Everyone detests it when their favorite musicians experience the worst circumstances. Being open about it, Intaba Yase Dubai allowed us to see firsthand some of the struggles he encountered. Following his departure from the contentious label Ambitiouz Entertainment, he revealed 3Point7 Entertainment, an independent label.

The singer eventually announced that he was going to leave the scene. In a statement, he expressed gratitude to his supporters.


“We now seek for protection 24/7 because they want to keep us as slaves forever. Let’s take a break. It’s time to accept we have failed, let’s try something else and move on in life. To everyone who loved and supported me from day one, know that I love you and I’m not giving up but I have to start something new in order to survive. I’m still available for performances. To projects I have promised you, wish to put them on hold till further notice.”

Recently, he hinted at a return on his Facebook page. He asked his admirers what they thought of his new song, and they responded with positive feedback.

“Should we release or sengiright ngami? This song was recorded today (3 January 2024),”