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Reality TV personality Faith Nketsi is adjusting to a new stage in her relationship and life. A long time ago, when she walked out of her spouse Nzuzo Njilo’s home, she startled her fans. Since then, she and her daughter, Sky, have lived alone.

When the story first surfaced, some online users asserted that she departed because her partner—who had previously been listed as seeking suspected fraud—was having financial difficulties. However, she would prefer that the public not adopt that story.

Rather, she revealed her intense affection for Njilo. The only issue is that attempting to trust him has proven to be quite difficult. Yes, the single mother admits that, even though she loves him, she is not sure she can trust him. That’s the current status of her marriage.


She’s about to make up her mind about what to do next: go on or stay put and see if she can come to trust him.

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