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Public fights between musicians are not unusual. What makes all the difference is how they handle the circumstances.

DJ Bongz, a musician from South Africa, has been involved in some turmoil lately. According to a number of sources, the singer was kicked out of Liv Nightclub for reportedly “misbehaving.”

He was apparently singled out by club bouncers for being “unruly” and for allegedly throwing slurs.


When the singer encouraged his followers to avoid that club in opposition to the treatment he received there, it appeared as though he was confirming the allegation. While some of his followers appeared to be willing to follow his lead, others were curious about the specific events of the last weekend so they could make their own decisions.

The club defended themselves by pointing out that it was not possible to just kick someone out of Liv, particularly a well-known DJ. It had to have had a very good cause for acting in that way. Check out DJ Bongz’s tweet below to find out when.

Dj Bongz Reacts After Being Thrown Out Of Nightclub 2

DJ Bongz is already well-known in the South African music industry. He doesn’t release much these days, though, and appears content to amuse himself with turntables and decks. Where the altercation with Liv Nightclub ends up is still up in the air.

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