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The arrival of a woman whose friends had planned a surprise birthday celebration for her astonished everyone.

She ignored everyone, even the supporters she thought would be grateful for their efforts to make her happy.

Some online users were upset by this and took turns criticizing the lady for her behavior.

“Now I would have grabbed the gift that I got, could have the afternoon snacks that I chose him for her, grab anything else on the table that you know appears appealing and entertaining, and get out of there because I took time out of my day just to surprise you for you to act like that,” said Sammis.

None of this is taking place. If somebody had ever surprised me in that way, I would have been on the floor sobbing with joy and grinning from ear to ear.

_azka said, “We don’t know! Maybe she had the worst day.”

Nina wrote: “Damnnnnn. That ain’t cool, idk how people would be like that.”

Watch the video below:


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