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The divorce from her spouse of nine months has been confirmed by the daughter of famous Nollywood actor Mr. Ibu.

Recently, the content creator announced this on her Instagram profile.

When it came to his prior marriage and his children, Jasmine disclosed that her husband had lied to her.

She claims that she was unaware of his previous marriage and the fact that he has three adult children.

She acknowledged that their marriage was happy but said that his falsehood destroyed it.

She recalled how she questioned him about his personal life before their wedding.

Jasmine admitted that his mother had told her about the lie and that it had truly devastated her.

“These nine months were the finest of my life! I have absolutely no regrets at all! I simply will not stop asking you about this before we even got started! Today’s revelation from your num really devastated me. A foundation that is constructed on a small falsehood won’t hold up! I cherish your devotion to me. I detest the fact that you never told me about your divorce or children! I don’t think I want anyone else, so let’s go on. Just going to love you virtually.

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