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A Nigerian woman lamented her inability to find “marriage material” there while residing in the UK.

She expressed her unhappiness with the London guys she has access to in a video that she released on her social media page because they are consistently lacking in one quality that her soul yearns for.

She also exhorted the other single women to continue looking for their future partners in Lagos, Nigeria.

In her own words:

Come, single females! Discussion time. I’ve now completed it. I’ve made up my mind that I’ll search for my man in Lagos, Nigeria.

The men in this London have grown old to me.

You find one that is attractive, they have nothing to offer. Fine boy, empty pocket! And then you find the one with a full pocket and a little bit of something to offer, not good-looking and he is still disrespectful! Those ones are actually the most disrespectful. They’re so disrespectful!

And then you now find the one that is, you know, he is still a bit good-looking, has something to offer, STILL DISRESPECTFUL. They even have a wife or longtime girlfriend or relationship and they’re still so disrespectful…, You know what? E don do.

Ladies! Single ladies, let’s go, let’s go! Our future partner is in Nigeria” she said.

Watch the video below:


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