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Ifeanyi, You Must Marry Me Oo! – Lady Caught On Tape Spiritually Tying A Man With Love Charm [Video]

The lengths one Nigerian woman will go to in order to find the man she wants to marry him to has astounded many.

She was caught on tape tying a love charm around the Ifeanyi man’s neck to force him to only stare at her.

The woman, operating under the direction of a spiritualist, told Ifeanyi to admire her as she threaded two lizards together.

She asserted that he would only give attention to her request, regardless of what any man or woman said or requested of him.

The Igbo woman kept repeating the things the spiritualist had instructed her to say.

She claims that no girl or guy will get in their way since he will only be in it for her. She insisted that he should get married to her immediately away and dedicate his life to her.

@AfamDeluxo tweeted the video with the following comment: “Dear men & ladies,

Please use caution as December draws near and many people try to use spiritual methods to woo their ex, crush, or other potential spouse into getting married. I’ve heard there’s a famous tree in Ayamelu where people are bound spiritually.

Check out the video here:

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