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The kid of hip-hop artist Davido and his wife Chioma Rowland, Ifeanyi Adeleke, is being investigated by the Nigerian Police to find out exactly what happened to him before he passed suddenly.

Benjamin Hundeyin, a spokesman for the Lagos State Police Command, allegedly made the assurance that every CCTV found in Davido’s residence will be reviewed by the security company.

Hundeyin words: “CCTV will be reviewed if we find any installed at his house.”

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) may be able to throw more light on the circumstances surrounding Ifeanyi’s death, according to Hundeyin and Edward Ajogun, a former police commissioner in Ogun state.

The singer’s Banana Island mansion is expected to include state-of-the-art equipment, according to Ajogun, who also said that it might help investigators figure out what killed the three-year-old youngster.

His comments;

“Going by the personality of Davido, one should expect that all of these security gadgets are already on the ground. Someone living at Banana Island will surely have all these security gadgets installed.

“CCTV is like a third eye; it is a technology built to put an environment under surveillance. It is built to serve the purposes of prevention and detection of crime.

“As a crime detection technology, where crime has happened, the CCTV will assist in giving an insight into how that particular crime happened and making it easier to determine who perpetrated that crime.”

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