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“If we meet again, I go beat you!” – Bobrisky says Papaya following embarrassing fight at party; narrates what transpired [Video]

Bobrisky, a Nigerian male Barbie, describes what happened between him and Papaya Ex during an event that nearly culminated in a fistfight.

A viral video surfaced showing the Lagos socialite yelling at Papaya and throwing a bottle at him.

Bobrisky explained what had happened, saying that he had been at the party early and had been notified by her friends that Papaya would also be there.

Bob, who had previously vowed to beat up Papaya if they saw each other in person, said that he was ‘well prepared’ for Papaya’s arrival.

He said that Papaya arrived at the event with three police officers who, according to Bobrisky, were there to protect her from him because she knows he’s only as good as his words.

The crossdresser said that Papaya and her companions, who were dressed in traditional attire and dancing, approached close to where he was sitting.

At this point, he erupted and reached for a bottle of Hennessy, but was quickly relieved of it.

In frustration because he couldn’t reach Papaya, he flung a bottle of table water at her.

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