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“I want to kill you dad” Children vow to kill their father after finding proof that he is cheating on their mother [video]

A father was humiliated by his kids when they found proof that he was cheating on their mother once more.

The girls, who are purportedly Ugandans living in the USA, decided to read aloud their father’s chats with his mistress in front of their mother and father as well as other family members after learning about them.

They told their father to stop exposing their mother to this while she attempts to save their marriage and that he should be ashamed of himself.

At one point, one of the daughters begins crying and tells her father, “I want to kill you dad.”

She also said to him, “You should be ashamed. How many f******* times are you going to put my mum through the same f****** bullsh*t?”

The second daughter then brings their mother a jumper to keep her warm.

The father is seen with a cup of tea on a table in front of him as he observes his daughters idly.

When the father tries to speak, his attempts are rejected by the daughters.

One daughter is heard saying: “Daddy, you are a cheater and you gotta listen to what she’s saying.”

Another daughter says: “You are not that father figure. I don’t care who you are to me, you are nothing to me.”

When the camera focuses on their father’s communication with the other woman at one point, it is shown that they are sexting.

The woman talks about sending him “nudes” of “those big boobs” and encouraging him to look at them.

She also wrote: “You know it when it’s wet.”

After reading aloud the chats, one of the daughters tells their father, “I found out even before Jane but me and you don’t have a pleasant relationship. When I saw this and when I read this, it didn’t affect me because I already knew that I had lost you as a parent fourteen years earlier. I was therefore not wounded by seeing this.

She claimed that her sisters were hurt when they found out.

The daughter continues: “She found out, Tyra found out the day we got back and Tyra cried. Ashley found out today. And Ashley loved you, Ashley loved you, that’s why she’s so mad like this because she loved you.”

Ashley begins to sob at this point and phones her father, telling him she wants to kill him.

The video has grown in popularity and drawn a variety of reactions.

Check out the video here.

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