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“I no fit die alone” – HIV positive woman who mixes her blood with Zobo to sell confesses (Video)

An HIV-positive woman called into a radio program to admit to selling the mixture of her blood and zobo to others in order to infect more people.

In a widely shared video, radio hosts invited their viewers to call in and confess anything they had done, no matter how heinous it might sound.

The host’s reaction to the lady’s shocking news was rather unpleasant.

The unknown woman who talked in pidgin English claimed that after becoming ill and receiving a virus diagnosis, she made the decision that she wouldn’t pass away by herself.

She stated:

“I visited a hospital. I’ve been told I have HIV. I lacked the resources to pamper myself. I began gathering my blood, adding it to the zobo, and selling it to several individuals.

She replied that she had been doing it for six months when asked how long.

View the video here:

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