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Teniola Apata aka Teni, a Nigerian musician, has added another pricey piece to her collection of jewelry.

A video circulating online shows the singer displaying the new item amid some of her prior possessions.

The richly encrusted timepiece sat nicely around Teni’s wrist as she flaunted it, persuading herself that she deserved the pricey jewel.

Teni, who has shed a lot of weight, went on to say how good she looks and smells. A second party in the background could be heard agreeing with the singer’s point of view.

Some reactions are listed below:

london_londra_londres said: “It’s her money. However, we [email protected] folks need to invest our money in real estate, etc instead of just material things. That’s why we are always at the bottom of the financial barrel.”

official_siffy said: “My dear you deserve it, It’s not easy to make 1naira in this country. Wether legal or illegal.”

logoredefined said: “It’s the “I deserve it” for me… Never feel guilty about spending your money on you.”

blakgrillz said: “I remember when she said buying a wrist watch at ice box is like buying a land at lekki… She done finally cop watch of millions .”


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