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Nigerian singer Temilade Openiyi, commonly known as Tems, is well-known and says she only dates smart men.

According to the lead vocalist of “Crazy Tings,” a man needs to be wiser than her in other areas as well in order to win her over.

Tems stated this in a Power House interview in New York City when asked about the types of men she is drawn to.

What does any of the many men who shoot their shot need to do to persuade her to go out with them? the interrogator asked questions.

The musician highlighted the need for him to outsmart her in both life and intelligence in order to avoid manipulation.

In the past, the singer talked of a time when she had to steal food to survive.

Tems noted that at the time, she had little money and felt hopeless as she spoke about her past struggles.

In an interview with GQ magazine, the singer acknowledged that she had visited her aunt to get food, which she would then return home.

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