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The US Central District Court in California has sentenced Ramon Abbas, better known by his stage as Hushpuppi, to 11 years in jail.

However, because Hushpuppi has already served two years, he will only serve nine years in a US prison.

Hushpuppi was detained in Dubai after being accused of scamming individuals in numerous nations out of millions of dollars.

He entered a guilty plea to conspiring to launder money with a number of individuals both inside and outside the US in order to speed up the legal process.

He was sentenced after making an appeal to US Judge Otis Wright because he performed well in prison cleaning assignments.

In the meantime, Hushpuppi’s 2.8 million-follower Instagram page has disappeared from the photo-sharing website. However, it’s unclear whether it was formally taken down from Instagram or if a user with access temporarily blocked the page.

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