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Oladipo Emmanuel, also known as Chinko Ekun, has revealed how he lost millions of naira to investment fraudsters.

In a recent interview, the ‘Able God’ singer stated that the sad incident impacted his viewpoint on investing.

“I once fell for an investment scam costing millions of naira,” Chinko Ekun explained. “After that, I decided my only investment was myself and how I looked.”

“So, I saved more, but something happened, and I had to withdraw my money to save a life, and I have no regrets because the person is still alive as I speak, and I’m glad I did.”

The rapper revealed that he wished he had collaborated more before things went south for him and that he had intentions to change people’s lives with his music.

“I would have cooperated more or been more consistent,” he added, “but my entire mind was to go to shows and help the label recuperate all the money that was spent on me.”

“A lot of money was spent on me, and I will be eternally thankful.” I intend to break records, revitalize rap music, and make a difference in as many people’s lives as possible. “I now own my label.”

Last Saturday, Chinko Ekun told a testimony of how he was once homeless and broke after leaving the record label that signed him in an Instagram video published by the pastor of Harvesters International Christian Center, Bolaji Idowu.

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