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Simi, a famous musician from Nigeria, recently uploaded a video of her and her daughter Deja performing “Love don’t care,” one of her most popular songs.

The endearing mother and daughter sang in a call-and-response style while cuddling up to one another and laughing.

They sang like:

Simi: ‘If I love you’
Deja: ‘Iffa love you’

Simi: ‘No be wetin you be baby.’
Deja: ‘lo m’ori mi wu’

Simi: ‘love o’
Deja: ‘make I see your love o’

Simi: ‘Love don’t care’
Deja: ‘who you be, wetin you get o’

Simi: ‘love don’t care’
Deja: “giggles.”

Internet users praised the mother and daughter and prayed for them, finding the pair to be adorable.

Watch the video here:

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