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“Hanks Anuku Isn’t Okay, Let’s Allow Him Get Help Now Before It’s Too Late” Actress Adanma Luke Call out Shan George

Adanma Luke has criticized Shan George, another Nollywood actress, over their male coworker Hanks Anuku.

Shan George completely disproved yesterday night’s rumors that the venerable actor was unstable and an addict.

Adanma Luke criticized Shan George for covering for him on her Instagram account.

Despite fully understanding the truth about him, she instructed her and others to quit telling lies.

Adanma acknowledged that the actor needs assistance and isn’t doing good.

She mentioned how if Hank had been in her blood, the actress would have obtained help for him.

“Pls you all Nollywood peeps should stop with the lies when you know the truth. He isn’t okay so let him get help now that the world knows. Stop with the cover up. If he was your blood you would have helped but now that the world is about to find out the truth you all try to hide it. Hank isn’t okay so let’s allow him get help now before it’s too late”.

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