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Following his explosive exclusive interview with British veteran journalist Piers Morgan, striker Cristiano Ronaldo has been urged by Manchester United icon Teddy Sheringham to quit the team immediately.

Sheringham claimed that this season at Manchester United, Ronaldo’s body language has not been terrific.

In a recent interview with Morgan, Ronaldo attacked Manchester United and their head coach Erik ten Hag.

The 37-year-old claimed that Ten Hag had betrayed him and that he no longer respected the Old Trafford team.

Manchester United issued a statement on the matter on Monday in response to his interview.

Sheringham, though, thinks it is unquestionably time for Ronaldo to leave Old Trafford as he currently trains with his Portuguese colleagues for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

“He’s disrespecting the management by using phrases like “disrespected.” There will be many disgruntled Man United supporters this morning reading all of this when you release these items, Sheringham told Daily Mail.

“It’s time for him to leave right now, without a doubt.

There isn’t a going back. He ought to have left at the beginning of the season, but he stayed, so they tried to make it work.

“His body language hasn’t been fantastic, obviously; I think he has to leave right away.”

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