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Don’t follow Regina’s footsteps – Speculations trails Ifedi Sharon reactions to query on marriage to an ‘old man’

Ifedi Sharon, a teenage Nollywood actress, has many of her fans wondering about her reaction to a question about marriage.

Actress Sharon, who is currently in her teens, began her career in movies as a child.

In a recent interview with THE Sun, the 18-year-old discussed her work, potential suitors, and other related topics.

Regarding how she juggled acting and studies, Sharon commented;

“I’m done with secondary school. But it wasn’t easy because there were some classes that I skipped, so I ended up staying for extra lessons.”

When asked if she had ever declined a marriage proposal, Sharon gave a response.

She spoke;

“No, I have not. And no one has approached me for marriage.”

Ifedi said when asked if she could wed a man who was considerably older than her:

“I don’t know if I can say no or yes to that question, because I don’t know what the future holds for me.”

When the portion of her interview surfaced online, netizens criticized Sharon on social media for implying that she might accept an elderly man’s marriage proposal.

Many have suggested that she aspires to lead a baby-girl existence like Regina Daniels, a colleague.

Remember how Regina and Ned Nwoko’s marriage generated a lot of media attention? This was primarily due to their age gap and the fact that she was said to be his sixth wife.

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