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Danny Beatz — Comfortu Ft. DJ Swizzy
Danny Beatz — Comfortu Ft. DJ Swizzy

An up-and-coming singer and record producer from Eastern Nigeria, Danny Beatz, partners up with DJ Swizzy, an Afro-fusion rapper, to release the highly anticipated hit song Comfortu on September 29, 2018, and it’s still a chart-topping tune that you can’t wait to listen to.

The incredible Dancehall and Afrobeat musical fusion in “Comfortu” is sure to have you moving.

Danny Beatz self-produced the song, and Cancus handled the mixing and mastering.

Despite your best efforts to ignore this incredible music with its mind-blowing lyrics and sounds, you simply cannot resist it.

Quotable Lyrics

Am I speaking with comfortu (Oh yes, Comfortu)
Is the guy you met at the Airportu (Airportu)
Ehh na for Porhacortu (Hei)
U dont forget you give me number that time you come to my domortu (Ok, my domortu)
So anwser me the question do you love an carrotu (yes of course)
If you love it tell me, let me buy you carrotu and Pinutu (Ehehe Pinutu)
Anyhow I fit to join it small little coconutu (Ehehe)
From there, me and you go join body go to my Domortu

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