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CKay – Mmadu (Video)
CKay – Mmadu (Video)

The official music video for Nigerian hitmaker CKay’s timeless song “Mmadu” is released for the first time.

Mmadu is an English word that originates from the Igbo language and means “people.” The song is mentioned, and CKay talks about a lovely woman.

From CKay’s most recent studio album, “Sad Romance,” which was released back in September, comes the song “Mmadu.”

Developed by P2J with assistance from CKay. A Ladder, Lex, and Booker Production’s inviting, an attractive video was directed by Ahmed Mosh.

While his previous music videos for the hits “Love Nwantiti” and “Emiliana” depicted a kinder CKay following his “little love” in Nigeria or serenading a girl named Emiliana in sunny Dakar, “Mmadu” displays a more grown-up curiosity to the star. The song is sheer bliss, and the video that goes with it is all about enjoying the experience. All of this enables CKay to create art with greater composure. The celebrity acknowledges that both the song and the video:

“As always, working with Ahmed was fantastic. He has a good understanding of how to deal with feelings and energy. In a way that few others can, he also highlights the beauty of African aesthetics, the man added.

The soundtrack album for “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” included the song Anya Mmiri,” which was contributed by CKay and PinkPantheress.

Quotable Lyrics:

Omalicha I ga e gbu mmadu
I ga e gbu mmadu
N’abania I ga ma mmadu ma mmadu
I go chop am like salad like salad
Mhmm you too bad you too bad

Hmm hmm
You too bad
Hmm hmm
Too bad
Hmm hmm
Burst my head oh ah
Hmm hmm

Enjoy the video below:

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